You absolutely have to learn how to Texas rig a soft plastic properly if you are going to catch bass. Soft plastics have a great, realistic action that triggers strikes from bass and other species. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// Click here for Black & White Chart for printing. The opaqueness of darker colored soft plastics allows the bass to better see the lure in low-visibility situations. ", this video is for YOU!! (Photo: Soft plastics are perhaps the most popular way to fool big bass. Snag the bait selection chart and get my 4 softplastic rigging & fishing tutorials for a third of the cost. Knowing the perfect lure color for every situation will save you the humiliation of getting skunked again, and provide you with more bass to brag to your buddies about. Plastic worms make up a large part of this category, and they are one of the most effective bass lures. It was an endless cycle that left my boat cluttered, my wallet skinny and my mind in knots.To help you avoid this common problem, we've put together a simple guide for choosing colors for bass fishing soft plastics based on the conditions. The first ‘stick bait’ was the Senko designed by Gary Yamamoto which was inspired by a Bic Pen. Other soft plastics . Here’s the bait selection chart to help you know what type of bait you should throw in every type of situation, This Chart will help you select the right lures and baits for every situation to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Best Plastic Stick: Yamamoto Senko Bait at Amazon "Considered by many to be the best bass lure of all." And that’s definitely true for soft plastic jerkbaits and fall bass — largemouth, smallmouth and spots. When fishing for clear water bass, it's important to use natural and often translucent colors. Those are the things that keep me motivated and going to help you in your quest to start “Kraken” bass. These tutorials will help if you are unclear on how to put these rigs together. This will help you catch more bass. // Best Type Of Makeup Brushes, Salary Payable Under Which Head, Developer Resume Template Word, Romans 5 Msg, Best Soft Plastics For Summer Bass, Urban Accents Popcorn Set, Fsi Ukrainian Course, Premam Songs Lyrics,