This book belongs into the Contemporary Realistic Fiction genre. The visual features presented throughout are varied and require the… An afternoon/evening in the park turns into a nightmare for one character (a wealthy, snobby, overprotective mother), while a second character (a struggling father who appears to be single … Visual features of social distance, framing, vectors, colour and tone and symbolism are evident throughout. These features positively enhance the story and create intrigue within the reader. The book allows us to see life through each of the characters in the story. Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne . I read the book to the students and we paused to add the perspective of each "voice". Voices in the park, written and illustrate by Anthony Browne (1998), is an excellent children’s book which harness visual literacy features to aid readers in creating meaning and understanding. After we added all the perspectives, I had . Peter Rabbit and Voices In The Park are picturebooks which reflect a lot of ideologies and values, one of the most significant and obvious issues that peter Rabbit and voices in the park present is the different images of motherhood. Anthony Browne’s book was published in 1999 and has been a top seller since. Voices in the park, voices in the classroom: Readers responding to postmodern picture books "Voices in the Park" is a great mentor text for character's perspective, author's point of view, and character traits. Summary Browne’s Voices in the Park is a short narrative that focuses on four individuals that visit a given park and allow that reader to interact with the environment through their individual perceptions and thoughts. In Voices In The Park, Browne paints four very different portraits of the same story by using four very different perspectives. Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. Voices in the park written and illustrated by Anthony Browne is a visually powerful piece of children’s literature. An Analysis of the intertextualities within Browne's Voices in the Park. ‘Voices in the Park’, by Anthony Brown (1998), is a wonderfully illustrated and thoughtfully written picture book describing a trip to the park through the perspectives of four characters. In Voices in the Park, four very different people, each from different life circumstances, share their personal perspective of a walk through the same park.Early readers will enjoy this simple story, while more advanced readers will be able to observe the deeper messages present in this text. Summary. 1 Description 2 Reader's Reviews 2.1 1 2.2 2 3 Parental Guidance 4 If you like this you might like 5 External Links Voices in the Park is an award winning children's book, written and illustrated by Anthony Browne. Plot Summary Voices in the Park is a very well written picture book for both children and young adults. The size of images provide additional information to the story of “Voices in the Park”. These perspectives are created through a range of language features that aid to enhance the characterisation of the story. However, in both Voices In The Park by Anthony Browne was unlike any other book I have read! I used this graphic organizer during my read aloud. Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. Multiple elements of visual literacy are effectively used to enhance the story of “Voices in the Park” by Anthony Browne, including the size of images, use of colour, realistic and fantasy images (Winch, Johnston, March, Ljungdahl, Holliday, 2010).
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