Easy enough to do as long as you know there is a difference ! He is now standing for a quick rasp – not perfect, but a lot better than ever. They often have no need for horse shoes or protective horse boots. For the first year, we paid our Vet to come and tranq the donk so he could be worked on – this wasn’t a ‘cool-and-calm’ tranq – it was a ‘knock-him-out’, on-the-ground procedure. If a donkey's foot becomes overgrown you should obtain a radiograph prior to trimming to check for any changes to the bone within the hoof. Bute is the common pain killer which has to be given twice daily to donkeys. The ladies were sweet, caring pet owners – who were overly sensitive to anything that they thought would ‘trouble’ the donkeys. Standard Trim – Mini, Draft, & Donkeys; Hot Shoeing; Glue-on Shoes; Corrective Shoeing; Aluminum Shoes; Handmade Shoes; Pads; Draft Shoes; Hoof Rebuild & Epoxies; Dental Services. My donkeys live in the hot and dry areas of Arizona. Mules and Donkeys have their own unique hoof confirmation. The ladies had rescued these donkeys as newborns from a frozen farm field – about 15 years ago. It is my opinion that all owners should seek to gain the knowledge to be able to carry out their own donkey’s hoof maintenance and trimming, and club workshops or clinics would be of great benefit to all. I have a horse who has had laminitis in the past, and has very sensitive feet. https://minidonkeyuniversity.com/mini-donkey-foot-and-hoof-care by Ryan | Apr 8, 2020 | Health & Care, Learn. If you notice your donkey beginning to develop that ‘double bum’ look and beginning to get thick in the neck or mane area, please take him off the pasture, put him into a dry bare yard and feed him meadow hay until he loses weight. An unhappy donkey is noisy and destructive. Weeks later, he let us put his front feet on the trim stand both forward and backward. One of the things I learned to do this weekend aside from removing a splinter with my teeth, was how to trim donkey hoofs. Confer with your vet to determine how much grain your donkey should have. Well adjusted, content donkeys love their people just as much as a single donkey would. This halter features generous adjustments providing a customized fit in four popular color choices. Ideal for miniature horses, donkeys and mules! Ø The newly purchased donkey to be current on vaccinations, worming and hoof trimming. A cross between a donkey and a horse is called a mule, while a male horse and a female donkey produces a hinny. Farrier Services. WORM YOUR DONKEYS Donkeys must be on a regular worming program for good health. To pick your donkey’s hooves, run your hands gently down towards the hoof, to give him time to prepare to lift the hoof. Most donkeys will require a foot trim every 6-10 weeks, but care should be taken with older donkeys who might struggle to lift their limbs. Female donkeys are called jennets or jenneys. It takes a female donkey up to 13 months to have a baby. X-rays may be taken to see the extent of movement of the pedal bone. Communication and Design Inc. also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. If you are new to owning a donkey, look for a qualified Farrier in your area. The 'Organic' Part of Mini Donkeys This pile represents the waste from a stall that houses our two minis. When we pick up a hoof and look at the bottom, we should see an almost round shape. If you prefer to use a farrier, visits should be scheduled to trim your donkey's hooves every three to four months (12 weeks is average) or as needed. Luckily we have … The word ‘quit’ was never part of his makeup. Farrier or not, use a hoof pick to gently pick out your donkey's feet on a regular basis, especially when the ground remains wet. Without full tranquilization, handling his feet was a danger to us and the donkey. The leg bone structure of the donkey is very light and they tend to have a very upright hoof pastern angle, this means that they always grow more heel than toe, which means that regular hoof trimming is a must to avoid contracted frog syndrome or contracted heel syndrome. Bacteria will die when exposed to air, but should you want to insure that your donkey's feet are perfectly clean, you can squirt a solution of 1 part Clorox to 4 parts water onto the sole of the hoof. To view more videos about Horses and to listen to an Internet radio show about Horses." We have not done the donkey any favours by introducing them to the wet climate of the hills areas with the lush improved pastures which were great for dairy herds, but not really ideal for horses or donkeys. We’re pretty sure that starting with the ear freeze he’s been pissed off ever since. A limited print edition - 250 pages of information with 300 photos in full colour - $30 The donkeys were obese but otherwise healthy. The environment in which your mule or donkey lives is the first thing that comes to mind. Donkeys don’t typically need much (or any) grain, but a 50-50 mixture of soaked beet pulp and crimped oats is a nice, simple choice for donkeys needing to put on a little weight. They are by nature people loving. The frog should be wide at the back of the hoof, and when the Donkey Hoof Care, Donkey Hoof Trimming, Donkey Farrier Miniature Donkeys need each other but larger donkeys, and mules, seem to do well with horses and ponies. Hoof boots allow for hoof expansion and contraction and increased blood circulation. Ø Information about the Breed with care, diet and other necessary information provided. Well times are a changin’! Care Of A Miniature Donkey. However, they do need the same hoof care, worming, and vaccines. We’re continuing to be patient with ‘Willie’, handling him every day in some way. Donkey hooves need regular care. Most who care for horses will also care for miniature donkeys. We’re convinced that in his past somebody did something to his feet that scared him silly – we’re guessing a Farrier. Desperate, because they had to leave their little acreage, they asked us to please take the donkeys so they wouldn’t be put down. A couple of weeks after a trim, she is right to ride on our paddocks except in summer when our high clay soil becomes rock hard. Do not feed alfalfa which is too high in protein, except foals may benefit from small amounts of alfalfa. But, after literally weeks and reward treats, he let us pick up his front feet. Rearing, double foot kicking, weight shifting, squalling – just plain nightmare. The jack, Willie Nelson, however, was a nightmare when attempting to handle his feet. Whole sole supports (rather than frog supports as used in horses) may be advised. EVERY day for weeks and weeks we started handling his front feet (couldn’t even touch the back feet when he’s being brushed – fine, as long as we don’t try to lift them. Male donkeys are called jacks. Fearing for the safety of the Farrier, we built a solid little ‘stocks’ that we pull ‘Willie’ into with openings in the sides and back to pull a foot through – it kind of works – so far no one has been hurt – but, it takes a whole tube of Dormosedan gel to get the job done. One of the realities of caring for mini-donkeys is all of the waste. You should aim to keep limbs as low as possible during trimming. No, donkeys generally grow at about the same pace, so need trimming the same as horses. 7. Communication and Design Inc. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Between the Vet and the farrier, the bill was $225 each time. … Donkeys are affected by several different parasites or worms, and must be wormed regularly. Over the years, we’ve tied up quite a few horse colt feet to help trim. Even then, his adrenalin would overcome the tranquilizer and he would still fight the Farrier. If he’s ever wronged he’ll patiently wait 20 years for the chance to kick your head off.”. OVER-REACHING AND FORGING: CAUSE AND CORRECTION. In our breeding program, we strive to raise miniature donkeys and micro-mini donkeys with great conformation, extended pedigrees, wonderful dispositions, as well as small sizes and in a variety of colors. Took dozens of sessions. So what is it that makes the difference between a hoof that cracks and one that doesn’t? Using a soft 1″ cotton rope twisted around his rear fetlock (we stand to his side up against him) we have him lifting his back feet with only desultory kicks that quickly stop. Not long ago it wasn’t uncommon to hear, “hoof boots just won’t work on mules”. Mark Kerr, Donkey Welfare Adviser, carrying out hoof checks Donkey Hoof Care Picking Your Donkey’s Hooves. We’ve raised and trained horses our entire lives. Hoof care is your responsibility and you as an owner must lift up and inspect your donkey’s feet regularly, then when it is time to call the farrier for hoof trimming there should be no dramas with behavioural problems, and the job can be completed properly. Worming Advice For Your Donkey. That area being barns designed and scaled specifically for miniature horses, ponies and donkeys. They can help your horse absorb shock when barefoot, provide additional traction, … Detailed instructions for rehabilitating laminitic donkeys is included. Your mini or pony will spend a lot of time standing, and that puts a lot of pressure on the hooves. I like to plan for farrier care no less than every 6 to 8 weeks. Most commonly they suffer from laminitis and severe thrush. Mini Donkey Foot and Hoof Care and How-To-Calm A Mini Donkey, Love Your Mini Donkey! Miniature donkeys are members of the equine family. They truly care for his or her family and are like the family dog. THE NATURAL HOOF SHAPE and ‘RIGHT HANDED DISEASE’. We’ve learned that ‘Willie’ needed more patience than typical. Miniature donkeys will need regular hoof care and feet should be trimmed every 8-10 weeks and teeth should be checked regularly. The ladies had no ability to cure the problem and it came back every time the Farrier showed up. Covering all aspects of Hoof Care for the horse owner and the farrier. The hoof growth rate of a donkey is the same as a horse which is about half an inch every six to eight weeks, so to leave his feet unattended for months causes great discomfort and reduces his mobility dramatically. These photos testify that these hard working, back country […] The average height of a miniature donkey is from 32"-34" at the withers. Any good quality grass hay, such as Bermuda , Timothy or Orchard would be good choices for miniature donkeys. Sunny G’s Starbuck 25 1/2″ – Click to view his profile They also require a small amount of grain, good quality hay, a mineral salt block, and fresh, clean water. Dental & Hoof Care for Balanced Horse Health . Miniature horses and ponies are very hardy! Mini Country Tack Miniature Nylon Halter is a premium product at an affordable price, uniquely designed with special consideration for the wide range of sizes in the miniature community! Hoof Care-Every 3-4 months hooves should be trimmed. Since donkeys are stoic they tend to hide problems until they are severe. Well, there are several possibilities. Miniature donkeys don’t require a whole lot more than love, fresh water, good hay, and the occasional hoof trimming adventure. So to start to understand the impact these factors have on the hooves we need only to clearly understand that because we have taken the donkey out of his natural environment, which was for the most part dry and stony country, and which allowed the hoof to be worn down naturally, we then have to provide him with regular hoof care to compensate. This mound is roughly four months old. A whole tube is used for a 1,100lb horse and it does work well on horses. The accompanying photos are of Adelaide Hills donkeys and this appears to happen far too often. Grass founder in donkeys affects those tiny hooves in such overweight cases, and once the hoof capsule has distorted it is extremely hard to get it back to normal again. Hoof trimming is another vital step in caring for any equine. We specialize in micro-mini donkeys. Over the years as a general farrier, I have been called upon to perform hoof care on these gentle extensions of many families, and have always viewed the task as being very character building. We’ve had our Farrier here regularly. The lady’s property was about two miles from our farm – they knew about our barn and pastures and fences – and that we raised and trained Quarter horses. Our highly improved pastures with lush clover and rye grasses also don’t do the donkey any good. Rehab trim for donkey experiencing white line disease. Donkeys, we’re told and have witnessed, react differently than horses. Patience in time paid off for the back feet – we slowly brushed our hands up and down his back feet, then rubbed or pinched his hocks and fetlocks until he didn’t mind. Watch each trim, as a severe hoof capsule rotation (and distal descent) is grown out in six months. First time, he actually kicked the rasp the length of the barn alley. Take care to worm in January, April, June, August, and October every year, no matter how good your donkey … Ideally your hay selection should be … The only way they got foot care was every other year or so the Vet would tranq the donkeys and a Farrier would literally saw off their hoof curl. Can A Mini Donkey Be Trained Using Treats? A To clean the Easyboot Mini you can simply use a damp rag to wipe away any dirt from the upper and base. Your vet will probably prescribe pain killers. We now have both donkeys wearing halters, standing tied without a wreck for extended periods, being brushed, wormed, fly sprayed – and we have Fiona, the jennet, so I can trim and work on her feet – even using a little hoof jack that I made in the shop. So to start to understand the impact these factors have on the hooves we need only to clearly understand that because we have taken the donkey out of his natural environment, which was for the most part dry and stony country, and which allowed the hoof to be worn down naturally, we then have to provide him with regular hoof care to compensate. Even if they don't need a trim, you should have their feet checked every 3 months, minimum. Often, a 3-sided run-in shed that offers protection from cold wind and wet weather is perfectly adequate shelter year round. We’re sure we’re on the right track. David's third book is a collection of over 100 articles on Hoof Care that he has written for magazines over the past 16 years. They are playful and will develop lasting bonds with humans. If it has been exceptionally wet, you may want to clean your donkeys hooves with a hoof pick regularly because bacteria will breed in wet areas and invade the hoof if left too long. We then started tapping his feet with a rasp. Care for your donkeys by staying on top of pasture clean-up which can reduce worm infestation in your donkey. Routine hoof care, including regular trimming and, in some cases, therapeutic shoeing (additional radiographs may be needed to monitor progress). Ø Breeding stock that represents the guidelines outlined in the NMDA’s Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Breed Standard. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Miniature Donkey Link. The ladies fed good grass hay and the donks had a little acre playpen with a shelter. hooves, you should first be trained in proper hoof care. A miniature donkey is affectionate, extremely comical and a joy to own. Both of our mini donkeys were rescued from two elderly ladies who had to sell their rural property. Dormosedan Gel is a ‘cool and calm’ over-the-counter, from the Vet tranquilizer in oral tube form. About National Miniature Donkey Association The National Miniature Donkey Association's goals are to protect and promote the Miniature Mediterranean breed and to provide education on donkey care and management. ORDER HERE, ACCOUNTABILITY AND THE FUTURE OF THE FARRIERY INDUSTRY, ‘HANDEDNESS’ IN HORSES (LEFT AND RIGHT HANDED HORSES), THE IDIOSYNCRACIES OF RIGHT AND LEFT HANDED HORSES, MEDIAL LATERAL CHANGES IN THE BOTTOM OF THE HOOF, HORSE HEALTH STARTS WITH CORRECT HOOF CARE, THE IMPACT OF EQUINE INFLUENZA IN AUSTRALIA.
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