1. You may need to customize or tweak your employment history for each individual position you apply to and use the same terminology written in the job advertisement to boost your credibility and align your experience section with the role at hand. In our Journalist Resume sample and write up below, we are unpacking all the tricks and tips of resume writing for you to present a top-notch resume for each application you submit. Journalist Resume Builder Power Words: writing, deadline, time management, detail-oriented, interviews, sound-editing, versatile, adaptable, responds under pressure Broadcast Journalist Resume Sample Crafting a Journalist resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out … Intuitive, inquisitive, hardworking Journalist combining lifelong interest and drive with extensive experience in writing for media productions. For people who want to apply anywhere as a journalist. Contact Information: 2015 – Advanced Level Training Program, Society of Professional Journalists, 2014 – Member of Society of Professional Journalists, Brooklyn, New York, 2011 – 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, New York Film Arts Academy, Manhattan, NY Member of Society of Professional Journalists since 2015. Master’s Degree (For example Public affairs and Journalism, Prepare investigative stories and content for online publication on various social media platforms, Conduct research on public information platforms and secure face to face interviews with information sources, Write content for web publication and update information as the stories unfold, Collaborate with graphic designers regarding layout and images to be used in feature stories, Use creative production techniques for live reporting on YouTube, Liaise with fact-checkers and co-writers to ensure the validity of content before publication, Design feature photo stories for print and social media publications, Create tags, headlines, blurbs, and bylines to supplement the images, Edit and enhance photo images using Photoshop Libel and Adobe Illustrator software, Responsible for photo reportage on a variety of topics including humanitarian, special events and sports matches, Create media kits for promotional and awareness campaigns, Conduct interviews with persons of interest for a variety of topics including political, local arts, special events, medical innovation, and governmental issues, Outline interview themes and questions to be approved by the editor, Attend court proceedings and do live reporting from the courthouse, Conduct internet research and visit public information centers to gather information for prospective articles, Write content for newspaper stories as well as supplementary online publications as well as radio and television reports, Write feature articles and case studies regarding the company’s product offering, Create inhouse briefs and internal corporate communication pieces, Responsible for all public relations official responses and interviews with the media, Shoot and edit professional photo’s for company perspectives and profiles sent to clients, Travel to the various company production plants once per month to conduct interviews with research and development engineers regarding the newest products, Actively manage the YouTube channel responding to questions from clients and also present a live stream every week reviewing the company’s products, Produced 125 radio reports for morning and evening program slots totaling 200 hours of interviewing time, Hosted over 500 hours of live stream shows on Youtube during the last six months increasing viewer attendance from 150 to an average of a 1000 viewers per slot, Recorded and produced a three-part mini-series about trail running which was bought by Nike and used in their advertising campaign for Women’s Trail Running Apparel, Youngest weather Anchor at age 25 for a local independent news station, Traveled to Africa and the Middle East (10 countries in total) during the last three months as a photoJournalist for an independent Food Show, When working as a freelance Journalist, a hundred percent of article projects have appeared in mainstream news publications without requests for edits or amendments. Be sure to include alternative contact channels, as well as your LinkedIn profile or Twitter URL details. If you work in television or radio, recruiters would like to know more about the interviews you have conducted during your career (with whom, where, when) and if you have exposure to live or pre-recorded interviewing techniques. Use a Skills Matrix approach to present all your most prominent interpersonal skills, personality features, and hard skills. Another critical point is the nature of your contract with your current employer. 7. And more text. Journalists often work long and unpredictable hours, and you need to mention whether you are comfortable to chase a story at 3 am in the morning for that matter/ Often, Journalists find themselves in uncomfortable situations having to circumvent aggressive individuals or downright risky situations, think of a war correspondent.
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