This means you can send a single assembly file to clients without the need of referenced parts and subassemblies. Well, this certainly sounds like taking two steps back to keep moving forward, doesn’t it? Assembly roughly speaking help you make a complex model made of other models previously created. Open the stp file part while in SOLIDWORKS. Sub-assemblies are smaller and less compare to work with the top level assemblies. The answer is no! Say you have a handful of features in your FeatureTree. Let’s see how that works. It’s only concerned about scaling topology – bodies, to be exact. Even electrical design, done mostly in 2D design packages such as, Well, this certainly sounds like taking two steps back to keep moving forward, doesn’t it? Get help now with our LIVE Remote Assistance. All rights reserved. Something that all designers and engineers are asked is to create new work that is based, often heavily, on a previous design iteration. assembly into, you realize that you need to change out one of the components in this assembly. You opt to scale the model by 0.5, creating the version of the model half of the original size. If we wanted to, we could actually take it even further. A hefty file size can also make it difficult to share your designs with clients and reviewers. Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could use the same functionality between 2 part files? Review SolidWorks Tutorial Lesson 2 Assembly. By default this tool will scale uniformly, and you simply enter in the ratio by which you want to scale the part. 2080 super. Our usual first step which I would not spend too much time on. Try it yourself! Then, you add the Scale feature by going to Insert > Feature > Scale. With these tech support tips, you can stop battling coworkers for write access and start working concurrently on SOLIDWORKS files. Then, use the Scale feature. New Part file : Save the deformed shape of a part or assembly in a new document. This rolls you back to a point before Scale was established. Something had to be done to reduce the file size and that something is what I wanted to share with you today. I should have called this “One weird trick to cut unwanted file size.” But can we go even further? This reduces the complexity of the file and as a result, the file size decreases. You’ll find that the sketch dimensions remained the same value they were pre-scaling. 1.888.874.6324. Note that the dimensions are still the same, even if the body itself has doubled in size by virtue of the scaling operation. Opens the assembly and all of the associated file information. If you need to scale the sketch and feature dimensions you’re going to need to do this manually. Take note of what your dimensions are. What does this mean? Step 1. I've just upgrade to 2021 sp1. This doesn’t matter to the Scale feature since again, it neither needs nor considers these dimensions. 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Well, just like all things in SOLIDWORKS there are multiple ways to do so. Watch the video now and learn how to do it in just 4 minutes! Step 4: Shell Out the Bottle. Step 2: Make a Sketch of the Bottle. Click in the graphics area to add the part to the assembly. I love this one. 7) Limit the use of Helical Sweeps and Threads. The Defeature Tool. Learn firsthand how to create step-by-step assembly instructions with interactive SVG files, fortify them with 3D PDF's from SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Composer, and 3D Interactive renders from SOLIDWORKS Visualize in this week's Webinar Wednesday. Jeff Mowry What did you dream? Changing a component in the assembly you created previously would, however, make the change everywhere that this asssembly is used. We wanted to go down, not up! It just makes it so that, at this point in the FeatureTree, the body as it exists therein is scaled by whatever factor the user inputs. Try editing the rectangle sketch, though. The zipped single defeatured assembly was only about 2.5MB. This reduces the complexity of the file and as a result, the file size decreases. Make sub-assemblies so you have less mates in your top level assembly. So in just three simple steps, we took a 28 MB file which would have reduced performance in our electrical assemblies and turned it into a svelte 7.5 MB file that is much more easily managed. Click Make Assembly from Part/Assembly (Standard toolbar) or File > Make Assembly from Part. Make sure your sketches are fully defined in your parts. When exporting a file in this way, I’d highly recommend saving the file as a Parasolid file type. Let’s break it down. An assembly opens with the Insert Component PropertyManager active. The option now is for you to dissolve this sub assembly in the current assembly and STEP 2: Combine All the Bodies The new part file comes in with only a single, simple body, and the new low file size reflects this. Data and Lifecycle Management in the Cloud, SOLIDWORKS Viewer 2009 SP3.0 and Printing, SOLIDWORKS Assembly Validation Tools – Part 1 – Move Component, SOLIDWORKS FLOW SIMULATION: Animating Transient Flow Runs and Solver Iterations, SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Accounting for Coatings and Determining Pre-plate Dimensions. Let’s say there’s a connector you’re using, but don’t need all the detail or just need a smaller file. When you export a file to a neutral file format, the feature history is stripped away. Since SOLIDWORKS is built on the Parasolid modeling kernel this reduces the chances of anything coming back broken to almost zero. Of course, you can also save a whole assembly as a single parasolid file. 3D CAD. department. Splitting our top level assemblies into multiple sub-assemblies and encourages design teams to divide and conquer. Note: Turn on your SOLIDWORKS FeatureWorks add-in Now, in SOLIDWORKS 2016 – FeatureWorks is now a part of the SOLIDWORKS Standard package. Step 1: Starting a Part File. All feature and sketch dimensions used to create the original parts are not included in the conversion. You can follow him on Twitter: @ServicePackSean. 3 Simple Steps to Reduce File Sizes of Imported Models in SOLIDWORKS, Let’s face one simple fact: it’s a 3D world we live in. This has several ramifications – most of which you are likely familiar with. I have heard not to fully define assemblies if they don't need it because it takes longer to solve the extra mates. Often times, you’ll find yourself in a situation where a top-level assembly consists of … Check out the forum here. When working with files from an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS, they often take longer to open and rebuild. Post your results in the comments – I’d love to see the numbers you can achieve! Now, as another experiment, double-click the rectangle sketch – this should show its dimensions. Wow, that file size is pretty good actually. What a difference! With the imported assembly open, browse to File>Save As and change the “Save as Type” field to “Part (*.prt, *.sldprt).” Make sure that for “Geometry to Save” you select either “Exterior components” or “All components,” unless you love surface bodies! Challenge with Multi-Users. We’re always happy to answer technical questions from our customers related to our blog posts! Lastly, the Scale feature in SOLIDWORKS is a feature available to parts only. If the SOLIDWORKS files are stored on a fixed disk in a network location, it will take longer to open and save the files than it would if the files were stored on a local fixed disk (i.e., stored in your laptop or tower). This is because when you chose to edit the rectangular sketch, you inherently chose to roll back in the FeatureTree to access this feature’s definition. Close the part and the assembly and reopen the part you just saved Then, you add the Scale feat… * I tried purging it * Tried to convert it to .dxf and back, didn't work. In our simple bolt example, our threads consist of 87% of our rebuild time. Scale the body by a factor of 2.0 (double its original size). Evaluate > Measure should show that the body is now double its original size. There isn’t a one-step feature or out-of-the-box tool to scale all dimensions in a part file. 8) Save Files to the Latest Version. Saves the deformed shape of a part or assembly in a SOLIDWORKS part document. In this video, we learn about SOLIDWORKS Lightweight Mode, and saving designs as an eDrawings File. Copyright Trimech 2020. Directly imported model files can really weigh down your assemblies. This will also minimize top level mates and features which leads to faster solving. Sales: 01223 200690 | Support: 01223 200699 Call us This forum thread also lists another method for scaling all dimensions relatively easily, making a design table and implementing the dimensional scale factor as a part of an Excel formula. It’s important to realize that the Scale feature in SOLIDWORKS does not influence anything about the definition of previous features. Save as Part. Open the assembly This is a little more basic abut can be a big help to chisel down file size. ), this feature is added as the next feature in your model’s FeatureTree. SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go quickly allows you to copy SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, drawings, design tables, design binder files, SOLIDWORKS simulation results, decals, appearances and scenes together into a folder or zip file. The file has to carry around that parametric combine feature in case we want to change it in the future. Invariably, these models come directly from the manufacturer, but with a catch, they are almost definitely a neutral file format like IGES, STEP, or Parasolid. The Audi model had a file size of 54,060,544 bytes in SolidWorks 2013 which was reduced to a file size of 45,854,205 bytes in SOLIDWORKS 2015. If you need to scale an assembly, your best bet might be to save the assembly as a part (File > Save As), then scale this file. Sean O’Neill is a Senior Support Engineer at Fisher Unitech. … SOLIDWORKS, I’ve called this to mention with the Scale feature because it’s important to realize what the feature does and does not do. Wait, wait, wait, hold up – 15 MB!? Solidworks assembly. Select the file type to be .stp (By doing this, you get the OPTIONS tab) When working with these files it's recommended to save to the latest version. Step 3: Extrude the Part. That’s almost 30 MB! This is ideal when you just want to have a quick look at the drawing. That’s insane considering I only need it for determining wiring and space requirements. Didn't have this bug in 2020. Has the definition of the base flange, cut extrudes, and/or edge flange features changed? Capturing an electrical design requires additional tools such as SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, and to really get the most out of the software you need accurate 3D models for all electrical components. For example, when opening an assembly, all of the associated parts feature history is loaded into me… One of the great things about SolidWorks is how easy it is to navigate through the assembly tree when working with an assembly containing multiple parts or subassemblies. Of course it would, and yes, SOLIDWORKS can do it. Say you have a handful of features in your FeatureTree. Let’s revisit the example of the bracket with holes and flanges. Try this: Sketch a rectangle and add some dimensions and extrude the shape by some depth. What gives? Well, as it turns out, although we simplified the model by combining the bodies, we made the file more complex by doing so! We’re always happy to answer technical questions from our customers related to our blog posts! Then, if we make a change to the part the assembly updates. The assembly file references the part. And with the simplification, the file size and rebuild times are significantly reduced. Is there any way to reduce the file size? Reducing the number of external faces and edges a model has (by filling the hollow interior with a solid and removing text) would decrease the file size even more. In addition to helping you protect your intellectual property the Defeature tool also helps reduce the overall size of the file and subsequently improve performance of the part or any assembly that contains the part file. After exporting the file, reimport it by selecting to File>Open in SOLIDWORKS and browsing to the file. One way is using the Scale tool which I’ll discuss the benefits and disadvantages of – at a practical level – in this blog post. Take your downloaded electrical components and run through the same process I’ve just described. This can present some problems, specifically with regards to file size. When a SOLIDWORKS drawing or assembly is in use, the person who first opened it is granted write access to all components being referenced by that file. How would one accomplish this? I’ve called this to mention with the Scale feature because it’s important to realize what the feature does and does not do.
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