There are countless resources available to the students, whether you need tutoring for certain classes, finding a job, community service opportunities, etc. Some of the top nursing schools in Raleigh, NC offer degrees for entry-level nursing as well as advanced practice and nursing education. With a projected shortfall in qualified nurses, nursing schools in North Carolina are stepping up to provide additional programs and more flexible opportunities for students. "selected":"",' value="').concat(,'" data-slug="').concat(e.slug,'">').concat(,"\n ")}).join(""),"\n \n ")}).join(""),"\n ")}function L(){var e=q(),,n=e.category,i=(e.subject,!t||""===t),r=!n||""===n;a.disabled=i,c.disabled=i||r}function H(){var e=g[0]&&g[0].name;return!e||""===e?{return e.selected=!1,e}):f}function A(){var e=m[0]&&m[0].name;return!e||""===e?{return e.selected=!1,e}):h}function q(){var e=Object.values(o.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected}),t=Object.values(a.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected}),n=Object.values(c.children).filter(function(e){return e.selected});return{degree:e[0]&&e[0].value,category:t[0]&&t[0].value,subject:n[0]&&n[0].value}}function F(e){var t=q().degree;e&&{return,e}));var i=t?p.filter(function(e){return e.selected}):p,n=f.filter(function(e){var n;return{i.forEach(function(e){!0)})}),n});o.innerHTML=T(r,p),t&&""!==t||(f=H(),h=A()),a.innerHTML=M(l,n),n=0 90%. In the fall, I joined a dance team called Kamikazi. CNA training can be obtained at Raleigh NC area community colleges or at vocational or trade schools. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Please. Located in North Carolina with a population of 403,892, the closest colleges are ranked below by distance from Raleigh. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a Diploma in Practical Nursing and will be eligible to apply for the NCLEX-PN to become a practical nurse. Nursing students will be educated in nursing theory and participate in rich and diverse clinical experiences. Attending nursing school in Raleigh, North Carolina offers convenience if there is a local college or program. Small: Less than 5,000, Medium: 5-15,000, Large: More than 15,000.