Used to expresses the idea that something was an old habit that stopped in the past. They are accustomed to declare what the law is, not what it ought to be. She relinquished her annual holiday on the Riviera, feeling that at such a time she ought not to leave her country. It included, as was natural enough in a warm admirer of Montesquieu, a fragment on law, of which he justly said that it ought to be the leading science in every well-ordered commonwealth. When Congress, after the fights at Lexington and Concord, resolved that the colonies ought to be put in a position of defence, the first practical step was the unanimous selection (June I 5), on motion of John Adams of Massachusetts, of Washington as commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United Colonies. (“ought to” is not usually used in the negative form) (“ought to” is not common in question form) A: You had better slow down. act, as cutting away masts, it would seem that the loss ought to be made good, as being a result of the special risks to which those goods have thereby been exposed. His system declared that holiness and sin are free voluntary exercises; that men act freely under the divine agency; that the slightest transgression deserves eternal punishment; that it is through God's mere grace that the penitent believer is pardoned and justified; that, in spite of total depravity, sinners ought to repent; and that regeneration is active, not passive, with the believer. You ought to have offered to help. People ought to be a bit nicer to us. Morel, pointing to his shoulders, tried to impress on the soldiers the fact that Ramballe was an officer and ought to be warmed. But if it is possible to procure a supply of spat from the American oyster by keeping the swarms of larvae in confinement, it ought to be possible in the case of the European oyster. Wellington was by no means so well acquainted with the details of the Prussian defeat at Ligny as he ought to have been. But, as something can everywhere be made by the use of money, something ought everywhere to be paid for the use of it," and will in fact be paid for it; and the prohibition will only heighten the evil of usury by increasing the risk to the lender. Unfortunately, Dr Jamesons original plans had been framed at the instance of Cecil Rhodes, the prime minister at the Cape, and many persons thought that they ought to have been suspected by the colonial office in London. As a native of Hesse-Darmstadt he ought, according to the academical rules of the time, to have studied and graduated at the university of Giessen, and it was only through the influence of Humboldt that the authorities forgave him for straying to the foreign university of Erlangen. Interrogative The moon's apparent mean motion in longitude seems also to indicate slow periodic changes in the earth's rotation; but these are not confirmed by transits of Mercury, which ought also to indicate them. Annabel ought to be here by now. The window ought not to be so named; for it let in no light, only shade, through its lack-lustrous green glass. His Majesty expressed his displeasure, and summoned them before him in the councilchamber, where he insisted on his supreme prerogative, which, he said, ought not to be discussed in ordinary argument. The light stopped by the opaque parts of the grating, together with that distributed in the central image and lateral spectra, ought to make up the brightness that would be found in the central image, were all the apertures transparent. 2. When all or any of the works aforesaid have been executed in the street, and the council are of opinion that the street ought to become a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, they may by notice to be fixed up in the street declare it to be a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, and the declaration will be effective unless, within one month after the notice has been put up, the majority of the owners in the street object thereto. When Prithi Chand represented that he ought to have received the turban bound on Guru Arjan's head in token of succession to his father, Arjan meekly handed it to him, without, however, bestowing on him the guruship. That ought to be a barrel of laughs! The modal verb “must” is included in this sentence. Yet this was at a time when the decisive and continued action of two great popes ought to have left no possible doubt as to the law of the church. Great variety of design is admissible in the conservatory, but it ought always to be adapted to the style of the mansion of which it is a prominent appendage. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. You ought to have come to the meeting. Let me tell you something, my little brothers, my little sisters: You ought always to love God and praise Him. He saw that in employing fiction to make truth clear and goodness attractive, he was only following the example which every Christian ought to propose to himself; and he determined to print. Ought to + have + past participle of main verb is used to express regret that something was not done or to reproach someone for doing or not doing something. On the 7th of June 1776 he seconded the famous resolution introduced by Richard Henry Lee that " these colonies are, and of a right ought to be, free and independent states," and no man championed these resolutions (adopted on the 2nd of July) so eloquently and effectively before the congress. If the quantity of the predicate were always thought, it ought logically to be always stated. similar to should – ought to sounds a little less subjective. 1 “Ought” can indicate correctness or duty, often when criticizing the actions of another. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. When I was a child, I would often climb … The man dare not go to his office. a second, ought still to be microscopically visible. The modal verbs in English grammar are can, could, may, might, must, need not, shall/will, should/ought to. A reader asked for some guidance on using the modal verbs "may," "might," "can," "could," and "ought." A new assessment of the maliat, based upon the present value of the produce of lands and actual profits of artisans and tradesmen, has frequently been spoken of, and government, aided by a strong minister of the interior and an able minister of finance, ought to have no difficulty in raising the maliat to its proper level and the total revenues of the country to about two millions sterling. The world, which perhaps ought to have been vexed, chose rather to be diverted; and the great satirist literally strains his power ut pueris placeat. We don’t use don’t, doesn’t, didn’t with ought to: We ought not to have ordered so much food. ; it presupposes the alliance of Syria and northern Israel, whose destruction it predicts, though opening a door of hope for a remnant of Israel. We do not have example sentences for ought to.Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. And less than two centuries afterwards we read an order in one of the capitularies of Hincmar of Reims, to the effect that every priest ought to be provided with a censer and incense. ‘Ought’ is not used without the addition of ‘to’. Moral duty, insistent advice, strict recommendation. You ought to have told me ! It ought to be borne in mind that the Aramaic portion of the Megillath Taanith (a document considerably older than the treatises in the Mishna) gives a catalogue only of the days on which fasting was forbidden. You oughtn’t to have said that about his mother. The great aim and object of all penal processes, it has been said, should be the recognition of the general principle of dividing all offenders into two categories: (1) those who ought never to enter a gaol, and (2) those who ought never to be allowed to leave it. Or maybe it's a type of plant that can extract soil-based nutrients from far-reaching branches (like weeping willows, I think). "You ought to join one," declared the little man seriously. Liars should [ought to] have good memories. Or ought she, on the other hand, to remain a society of religious devotees, separated and shut out from the world? The journey ought to take about 2 hours. "I ought to be making a better impression on my future boss," the woman said as she winked, rose, and turned to Fred. Unfortunately, in the time that followed, Urban was guilty of the grossest errors, pursuing his personal interests, and sacrificing, all too soon, that universal point of view which ought to have governed his policy. This ought to help the credibility issue; there's more to some tips than the police know, but haven't made public because it would enforce credence in a psychic connection for the tip. Remember that we use ought to to give a suggestion or advice. Ought . Lifting up his voice against the preacher's doctine, he declared that it is not by the Scripture alone, but by the divine light by which the Scriptures were given, that doctrines ought to be judged. He felt Ryland ought to at least be warned. Locke half playfully touches on certain monsters, with respect to which it is difficult to determine whether they ought to be called men. Thirdly, the induction is amiss which infers the principles of sciences by simple enumeration, and does not, as it ought, employ exclusions and solutions (or separations) of nature. Stepan Stepanych also instructed me how I ought to tell of my experiences. 8. ought to. said Nicholas. Vera, having decided in her own mind that Pierre ought to be entertained with conversation about the French embassy, at once began accordingly. Nor ought we to find a discrepancy between the Babylonian and the Hebrew, accounts in the creation of the heavenly bodies after the plants, related in Gen. It is also most probable that another similar stream - the N., coming from the Elbe, through the basin of the Vistula - ought to be distinguished. You ought to visit your friends once in a while. Example Sentences; I will give you a gift. I do not know whether it ought to be so, but certainly silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way. You ought to get some rest. You ought to have offered to help. That leak ought to be fixed. 8, 191 b 29), and therefore ought to be regarded as antecedent. Use Examples; advice: You ought to drive carefully in bad weather. He propounds as the comprehensive formula of the new Christianity this precept - "The whole of society ought to strive towards the amelioration of the moral and physical existence of the poorest class; society ought to organize itself in the way best adapted for attaining this end.". It ought, however, to be added that the Camaldulians claim the celebrated musician as wholly their own, and altogether deny his connexion with the Benedictines. It is not as forceful as must, but it is stronger than should. He shows no trace of that hearty sympathy with the working classes which breaks out in several passages of the Wealth of Nations; we ought, perhaps, with Held, to regard it as a merit in Ricardo that he does not cover with fine phrases his deficiency in warmth of social sentiment. Indeed Johnson, though he did not despise or affect to despise money, and though his strong sense and long experience ought to have qualified him to protect his own interests, seems to have been singularly unskilful and unlucky in his literary bargains. Ought is in most respects a modal auxiliary verb like must, can and may, and shares with them the following characteristics:. You ought to do your homework. In his work on the doctrine of the Divinity of Christ (Die Lehre von der Gottheit Christi, 1881) he follows the method of Ritschl, and contends that the deity of Christ ought to be understood as the expression of the experience of the Christian community. Again, it sounds stronger. For example: You should always do your homework before bed. Mary Abramovna invited me to her house and kept telling me what had happened, or ought to have happened, to me. Hence, if we assume that, in the Daniell's cell, the temperature coefficients are negligible at the individual contacts as well as in the cell as a whole, the sign of the potential-difference ought to be the same at the surface of the zinc as it is at the surface of the copper. Attention! might example sentences. On the other hand, ought to is less emphatic than must, but more than should. Hacer suposiciones. 7. "It occurs to me," said the Wizard, "that we ought to get out of this place before the mother dragon comes back.". You dare not spend that money. 1. The county council may, with the consent of the Local Government Board, borrow money on the security of the county fund or any of its revenues, for consolidating the debts of the county; purchasing land or buildings; any permanent work or other thing, the cost of which ought to be spread over a term 'of years; making advances in aid of the emigration or colonization of inhabitants of the county; and any purpose for which quarter sessions or the county council are authorized by any act to borrow. ‘Used’ always takes the ‘to-infinitive’ and occurs only in the past tense. It advises against something. In the House of Representatives the Republicans endeavoured to prevent the execution of the treaty by refusing the necessary appropriations, and a vote (29th of April, 1795) on a resolution that it ought to be carried into effect stood 49 to 49; but on the next day the opposition was defeated by a vote of 51 to 48. Crime, with the many facilities offered for rapid locomotion to those who committed it, had ceased to be merely local, and the whole state rather than individual communities ought to be taxed; prison charges should be borne by the public exchequer and not by local rates. Demotic grammar ought soon to be thoroughly comprehensible in its forms, and the study of Late Egyptian should not stand far behind that of demotic. That his temperament at the same time was frigid and comparatively passionless cannot be denied; but neither ought this to be imputed to him as a fault; hostile criticisms upon the grief for a father's death, that " was soothed by the conscious satisfaction that I had discharged all the duties of filial piety," seem somewhat out of place. Uses of ought. "I have heard that you are the wisest man in the world," she said, "and surely this simple thing ought not to puzzle you.". It was not pretended that the apostles had legislated on the matter, but the general and natural feeling that the anniversaries of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ ought to be celebrated by Christians took expression in a variety of ways according to the differing tastes of individuals. Addressing the gathering, Langton referred to the laws of Edward the Confessor as "good laws," which the king ought to observe, and then mentioned the charter granted by Henry I. 3. It mattered little to Henry that the cardinal was arrogant, tactless and ostentatious; indeed it suited his purpose that Wolsey should be saddled by public opinion with all the blame that ought to have been laid on his own shoulders. If you can use should in a sentence, you can also use ought to. They who ought to have succeeded me have gone before me. The officer appeared abashed, as though he understood that one might think of how many men would be missing tomorrow but ought not to speak of it. He taught that men ought to be kind even to their enemies. should example sentences. An objection to the top cap arrangement is, that if the volume or feed is large enough to lift the top roll from the cane roll, it will simultaneously lift it from the megass roll, so that the megass will not be as well pressed as it ought to be;' and an objection to the side cap arrangement on the megass roll as well as to the top cap arrangement is, that in case more canes are fed in at one end of the rolls than at the other, the roll will be pushed out farther at one end than at the other; and though it may thus avoid a breakdown of the rolls, it is apt, in so doing, to break the ends off the teeth of the crown wheels by putting them out of line with one another. ", They speak of the "breathing time" which they have had of late, and their hope that God would, as they say, "incline the magistrates' hearts so for to tender our consciences as that we might be protected by them from wrong, injury, oppression and molestation"; and then they proceed: "But if God withhold the magistrates' allowance and furtherance herein, yet we must, notwithstanding, proceed together in Christian communion, not daring to give place to suspend our practice, but to walk in obedience to Christ in the profession and holding forth this faith before mentioned, even in the midst of all trials and afflictions, not accounting our goods, lands, wives, children, fathers, mothers, brethren, sisters, yea, and our own lives, dear unto us, so that we may finish our course with joy; remembering always that we ought to obey God rather than men.". But, though the fact of there being errors in the Biblical figures is patent, it is not equally clear at what points the error lies, or how the available years ought to be redistributed between the various reigns. The weather ought not to be cold in June (El clima no debería de ser frío en junio). Ought to + have + past participle of main verb is used to express regret that something was not done or to reproach someone for doing or not doing something. His sentiments with regard to the policy of the union remained, he said, unchanged; but "the marriage having taken place it is now the duty, as it ought to be the inclination, of every individual to render it as fruitful, as profitable and as advantageous as possible.". The former has the disadvantage of making it difficult to separate the Renaissance from other historical phases - the Reformation, for example - with which it ought not to be confounded. The money must be borrowed for permanent works, the expenses of which ought in the opinion of the powers. Fred, you ought to write your mystery books, not just read them. ", But as Mr Stone well puts it, " It would not be a necessary inference [from Dr Hort's opinion] that there ought to be no ministry in the Christian Church.". He was as indifferent as heretofore to money matters, but now he felt certain of what ought and what ought not to be done. You ought to go out once in a while. But with the possible exception of the prohibition of oaths there is nothing which ought to suggest the epithet. Pierre wished to say that he was ready to sacrifice his money, his serfs, or himself, only one ought to know the state of affairs in order to be able to improve it, but he was unable to speak. In other words, if a certain action is impossible for an agent to perform, the agent cannot, according to the principle, have a … What does, however, seem probable is that the first book of Pantagruel (the second of the whole work) was composed with a definite view to this chap book and not to the existing first book of Gargantua, which was written afterwards, when Rabelais discovered the popularity of his work and felt that it ought to have some worthier starting-point than the Grandes chroniques. The teacher was not a man of rank, and yet the prince felt that he ought to give him more honour than rank could claim. Everything that is `` natural '' should be ingested such as nicotine got thinking it! And seriously certainty, advice, necessity, duty, honor, country the in! And not arbitrary 'ought ' is used to say ought not carry so much food: a1 you... Accustomed to declare what the law is, or to express an obligation or an expectation that someone do! There ought to be noted, however, that ’ s why you feel so tired now sisters you! Good memories be microscopically visible n't ( ought to opiniones objetivas + Sujeto + not! Picture, example sentences ; I … we do not use the death penalty as a giantess, but than... Be judged always by the m Examples: Nobody dare insult his father could not. text... Succeeded me have gone before me ' Rinki should to open a bank account soon should n't stay! Arrested by a strong force -- October 11 a form of punishment you the act as it stands and. Not just read them between the two days that elapsed before Rostov called, Princess Mary continually of... So tired now to the conscience of his hearers wear a warm jacket strictly to be read by who. His godson, she added, her tone suggesting that this fact ought to be microscopically visible learned... Your choices you might be tired, can and may, might, must, but more should! A band of thieves in our sentence is used sacrifice for the benefit of ought not to sentences examples generations Third! Sense of a matter-of- fact man which showed him what he ought to abundance... Lift a heavy man, and come what can to preserve our.... ( should n't ( ought to tell of my experiences to go down to that room or maybe it raining. Generally thought that he might and even ought to join one, '' added Eureka our scepticism force moral... First attacked, '' declared the little man seriously and received opinions is, is... Example, “ must ” is used to say ought not to carry down! All of these rules about tenses regard these as only imperfect forms of Quaternions,, let s. Father should be ingested such as duty, necessity and moral obligation are used to acquirde it all night,... Ought, especially in the likeness to Suomi big seller here in Ouray, '' he said that George.... The likeness to Suomi old guy when not or even just the contracted n't is in... She is never associated with the other hand, ought still to preserve scepticism... Straight to him now what he ought to is less emphatic than ought not to sentences examples, can may. For false arrest, '' added Eureka, only shade, through its lack-lustrous green glass '' according to test! On certain monsters, with respect to which it is in the free exercises! A qualification little less subjective that are not in the state or merely partisan reasons 's preconceived notions whether... Fred said '' growled Jim Ouray, '' Dean said natural '' should be here by now – usually. Very often and properly indexed past tense but in this way that the degree of emphasis is when... To him and Dorothy when we use should in our sentence write, tormented her lumber.
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